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The Profile of The Hatachi Group of Companies

The Hatachi Group of Companies is manufacturing various kinds of plastic products ranging from its own original products to component parts to be supplied, as a vendor, to manufacturers of automobiles, electric appliances, domestic amenities and so on by utilizing its unique high molding technology of Double Blow, Super Blow and TP Process. We also handle sports articles such as ground golf clubs, park golf clubs, gate ball sticks, badminton rackets, muscle training exercisers and so on at our Sports Business Division.

1950: Established as Hatachi Feather Laboratory.
1956: Reorganized to Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd.
1959: Obtained a patent for plastic badminton shuttlecocks.
Produced patented plastic shuttle cocks (ten million pieces annually) monopolistically with introduction of injection machines.
1960: Started producing badminton rackets.
1965: Badminton racket plant was completed in Taiwan. (Joint venture)
1966: Introduced Swedish bi-color blow molding machines (patented) and produced bi-color balls.
1977: Obtained an exclusive right to use a patent of bi-wall blow molding (Double Blow) and bi-wall cases produced by this technology were adopted for YAMAHA PIANICA.
1979: Hatachi Kako Co., Ltd. was established as an independent large size blow molder, being separated from Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd and its own new factory was built.
1981: 2nd factory was completed at Hatachi Kako. A big size blow molding machine was introduced to produce 250-liter tanks.
1982: A big size vacuum molding machine was introduced at Hatachi Industry and produced big size parts for pre-fabricated houses.
1984: Blow-molded bumpers were mass-produced for the first time in Japan.
1989: A safe “Sinai” (bamboo sword) of Hatachi Industry was awarded a good design prize.
1992: 2nd factory of Hatachi Kako was enlarged and a large size blow molding machine capable of making deeply drawn forms (TP Process) was introduced.
1994: Hatachi Kako obtained a right to use the technology of Super Blow.
1995: A large size blow molding machine exclusively for Super Blow process was introduced.
1996: Super Blow process was adopted to produce the ceilings of unit bath rooms.
Thai Hatachi Co., Ltd. was established in Bangkok, Thailand.
1997: 3rd factory was completed.
2003: An ultra big size 135mm blow molding machine was introduced at Hatachi Kako.
2004: A mold warehouse was completed at Hatachi Kako.
2005: Hatachi Kako's management innovation plan was approved by Shizuoka Prefecture.
2006: Succeeded in the automation of sanding process of air spoilers.
2007: Succeeded in the laser automation of deburring and finishing processes of blow-molded products.
A big size injection molding factory was completed at Hatachi Industry and started developing a technology to produce side visors by utilizing a 1300 ton bi-color injection machine.
2008: Succeeded in mass-production of side visors by bi-color injection for the first time in the world.

Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd.

3 Shinjo, Kosai, Shizuoka , Japan
Phone: 81-53-578-1501 Fax: 81-53-578-2724

  1. Established: April 1950
  2. Capital: 10 million Japanese Yen
  3. President: Tetsuya Nakamura
  4. No. of Employees: 70
  5. Turnover: 1.6 billion Japanese Yen
  6. Business Lines: Manufacture and sale of sports goods
  7. Main products: Sports goods related with badminton, ground golf, park golf, gate ball and various kinds of muscle training exercisers.

Hatachi Kako Co., Ltd.

4494-30 Shinjo, Kosai City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
Phone: 81-53-578-2611 Fax: 81-53-578-1304

  1. Established: April 1979
  2. Capital: 30 million Japanese Yen
  3. President: Tetsuya Nakamura
  4. No. of Employees: 60
  5. Turnover: 2 billion Japanese Yen
  6. Business Lines: From small/medium-size injection molding & large-size duo-color injection molding to assembling, manufacture & sale of sport goods, & support in planning & development
  7. Main Products: Ceilings of pre-fabricated bath units, musical instrument cases, planters, car accessories, air ducts, air spoilers, bumpers etc.

Thai Hatachi Co., Ltd.

33/5 Sukhumvit 19, Klongtoey-Nua, Klongtoey Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Phone/Fax: 66-2-651-0459

  1. Established: October 1996
  2. Capital: THB2,000,000
  3. President: Tetsuya Nakamura
  4. Turnover: THB60 million
  5. Business Line: Blow molding
  6. Main products: Various air ducts, console boxes and outboard motor fuel tanks

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