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Brief Introduction of Walking

There are different styles of walking, depending upon different purposes, means etc. A different person seeks a different style. Walking is generally regarded to be effective in improving health and also simple, easy to start.
However, if a bit of hints, knowledge are obtained in advance, you can enjoy walking more effectively.

Three Categories of Walking Goods


-image-Pleasant walking is ensured when safety and relief (peace of mind) are secured. Here listed are safety goods which protect your body from any possible danger during walking as well as relief goods which make you feel relieved if brought with you.

  • Reflection goods
  • Safety buzzer
  • Water
  • Anti-sunburn goods
  • Anti-cold-weather goods
  • Injury prevention goods


-image-Here listed are such items as are needed for keeping your body and mind in good conditions so as for you to be able to walk vigorously tomorrow too.

  • Massage goods
  • Bathing goods
  • "Kenkou Bijin" Kit
  • Body maintenance goods (nail clippers, compress, corn protector)
  • Mind maintenance goods (aroma, rest goods)


-image-Here listed are recommendable items for those who want to achieve their target more efficiently in their diet or health maintenance plan.

  • Nordic-walking-related goods
  • Pedometer
  • Exercise/muscle-training goods
  • Food supplements

Proposal of Nordic Walking

-image-Nordic Walking, born in Finland, is now drawing public attention as a suitable training for every people from rehabilitants to athletes.
Walking with a pair of poles enables you to walk smoothly in a natural posture and to further increase exercise effects. Why don't you start Nordic Walking?
Nordic Walking is walking which is done holding a pair of poles like cross-country skiing and it was born in Finland, North Europe.
By virtue of its high element of fitness and health-care, Nordic Walking is bringing about a boom in Japan, too.
You can enjoy new, fresh feeling of walking which uses your whole body by holding a pair of poles, and which resultantly enhances exercise effects.

Three Major Features of Nordic Walking

Dynamically! Whole Body Exercise Using Upper Part, Too!

Ordinary Walking
Nordic Walking

-image-A pair of poles are held in hands and are pushed backward when walking in Nordic Walking. Pushing poles backward leads to whole body exercise which consumes calories 20% more than ordinary walking.
As one of merits, Nordic Walking naturally enables you to walk with long steps in a beautiful posture straightening your back.


Gently! Reduces Burden on Knees!
-image-Exercise, if wrongly done, exerts burden on and even hurts your body in the worst case. Walking is not an exception, too. In Nordic Walking, burden on legs is reduced by virtue of the four-point walking resulting from poles held in hands.

Steady Walking by Four-Point Support.


Easily! Helps at Sloping Road
-image-You can easily go up and down a sloping road by using poles.
When going up a sloping road, sticking poles on the ground behind you helps going up. On the other hand, when going down a sloping road, speed increases unconsciously then you can adjust the speed by using poles.


Product Lineup

  1. Re Walking Kit
    ・Indoor walking at home is introduced in the DVD included in the kit.
    ・Walk easily and effectively by Nordic Walking.
  2. Walking Poles
    You can experience a new feeling that your weight becomes lighter and can walk easily if you walk holding poles in hands.
  3. Walking Gloves
    Gloves developed exclusively for walking, finished with antibacterial and deodorizing treatment.
Re Walking Kit
1.Re Walking Kit
Walking Poles
2.Walking Poles
Walking Gloves
3.Walking Gloves