"Make the world happier with health" Project

It is great to continue to be enthusiastic for something we love.
It is even greater if we can keep doing so when we get older.
The key for such a wonderful life is "good health."
HATACHI has always worked hard to provide supports to realize such a life.
Up until now, and from now on. And to the world.
Why don't you join this Project?

Three commitments of HATACHI CONCEPT

Let's enjoy,Stay cool,and Work all together To become healthy

HATACHI is engaged with development of products and services pertaining to health based on motto of "Enjoyable" and "in cool". We commit to provide customers with these three essences through filter as "HATACHI".

Enjoy and become healthy.

Do you give up something to become healthy? Do you have a hard time? Can you continue such efforts?
It would be nice if we can become healthy while having fun.
Possible to keep on doing is the most important key word.
Fun = Easy to continue = Possible to stay healthy = Make everyday more fun.
In other words, becoming healthy can make your life more positive.

Stay cool and healthy.

Is current you really what you would want to be?
Anyone wants to be cool and smart anytime.
A person who engages in something seriously is beautiful and cool.
And you, too, who are working hard. Being cool is not bad.
Let's live a smart, cool and healthy life.

Let's become healthy all together.

I couldn't do my best only all on my own. I couldn't enjoy working only by myself...
Why don't you try again with friends?
I can do my best all on my own. I can enjoy working even only by myself.
So, you can make it more and more fun with friends.
Having friends to share the pleasure is awesome with just that.

Framework business BUSINESS

What HATACHI keeps on challenging CHALLENGE

  • Make the world happier with health PROJECT

Up until now, and from now on, HATACHI always challenges something new. We challenge anything and everything. And this "anything and everything mindset" is the driving force for HATACHI.


We host the Ground Golf competitions all over Japan to make many people experience the joy and delight of playing.

Hosting the Ground Golf competition

Hamanako Walk Fest

We participate in the management of walking events held in our home town, Shizuoka Prefecture, wishing that many more people get to know the pleasure of walking.

Management support for walking events

Holding a lot of patents

We have a lot of unique patents, and manufacture Only One products which can never be created by someone else.

We give shape to ideas.

Commissioned projects

We work in collaboration with companies and local governments for health promotion.

Support and follow-up system

Received the 4th "Extend healthy life expectancy" award.

In Smart Life Project, national movement promoted by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, we received a prize for excellence in the area of preventive long-term care and live support system for aged person.

Our activities were awarded.

Collaboration with universities

We work on new product development by utilizing joint study with universities.
● Shizuoka University
● Saitama Prefectural University
● Chukyo University
● Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital & Institute of Gerontology

Achievements by joint study

Business innovation & new partnership

Our business plans are recognized also by outside.

Recognized business plan


Adopted as "Support for overseas business development by SMEs" of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), we carried out Self-sastained Movoment Program in Thailand. We expand Health to the world.

Promoting international cooperation activity