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Primary President, Yutaka Nakamura founded NAKAMURA Feather Laboratory to start with research of shuttlecocks for badminton. He invented breakthrough production method in casting to use plastic (which was new material at that time) for the shuttlecocks instead of bird's feather through trial and error.

First president Yutaka Nakamura
Historical background
President's text
No one could afford hobbies and leisure. Badminton neither. Because everybody was struggling with everyday lives day after day in the restoration after World War II.

He got information on badminton which is a sport originated in England while he researched "how feathers of birds can be used" for his thesis in his course at Tokyo University of Agriculture.


4 patents and 23 industrial new designs applied and obtained. Awarded for Prize for Excellent Invention by the Minister of Trade and Industry.

Historical background
Japan-U.S. Security Treaty concluded.

How light shuttlecock can be flown straightly and slowly like bird feathers. That was what the company struggled to study shape, structure and materials.


Started mass production of plastic shuttlecock: "PL-man."


"PL" in PL Man short for Paradise Lost. Paradise Lost means someone who lost hope in the paradise lost. The name was originated in the situation at that time when the company finally succeeded to realized the shuttle cock after repeating tries and errors day after day and bogging down.


Reorganized to be Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd.
New building as the head office built up.

Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd.

Battledores and shuttlecocks developed. But the sales was sluggish and its large inventory turned into firewood.

The patent trial for plastic shuttlecock began between Carlton, UK and us.
Recognized importance of the patent. Lots of patents on the shuttlecock and badminton racket obtained after that.

Article on the patent trial of plastic shuttlecock
President's text
It was a trial for the patent which was similar to what the English company held. Asked for the defense to Mr. Ichiro Kiyose who had been the leader of the defense counsel of Japan side in the Tokyo Trial. Supported in cooperation with major sport goods distributor including Mr. Mizuno (Now the company is Mizuno Co.., Ltd.), it looked like the previous war between the countries.

Produced 95% of plastic shuttlecocks (patented) produced in Japan.
(Ten million pieces a year)

Historical background
Badminton became popular and popular as one of leisure ordinary people could enjoy easily.
Plastic shuttlecock (patent)

Thanks to the trial between Japan and England, out company was well known in sports industry and sales of the shuttle cock was driven as well as badminton was known broadly as popular sport.

Started production of wooden badminton racket. Obtained various patents on badminton rackets.

Production of wooden badminton rackets


The patent trial with Carlton in UK ended in reconciliation. Technological partnership with Carlton concluded. (The reconciliation was almost victory consequently).

Historical background
High economic growth. (10 years from 1960)
Employees seeing off customers of sports wholesaler's

See-off to sports goods' wholesalers by he all employees from steamboat quay in front of the company.


We started to export badminton rackets and shuttlecocks to the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Historical background
Tokyo Olympic Games held.
Badminton racket · shuttlecock

High economic growth at its peak. Tokyo Olympic Games held.


New factory for wooden badminton racket built up. Specialized factory for badminton racket established in Taiwan.

New factory for wooden badminton rackets


New factory for blow molding built up (which is blow molding factory at present).
Two colors available molding machine (patented) introduced from Denmark.. "UNIBALL" production and sale started using materials of Idemitsu Petrochemical.

President's text
For children who enjoy playing. We focused on the development of leisure goods which people can play easily and economically. We commercialized the two-colored balls, however, we faced big problem that the air inside was leaked and had the large return. Then, we were forced to stop selling it


New factory for injection molding built up. The racket factory extended.


Rotational molding machine introduced, which produced dodge ball, etc.

Historical background
Osaka World Expo.
Produced dodge ball etc.


The patent related Shuttlecock expired. Our sales declined due to cheap shuttlecock coming from Taiwan. The injection molding machine and blow molding machine were turned into the manufacture of automobile parts.
The material of badminton racket was shifted from wood to metal frame, which made sales of the wooden rackets sluggish.

Historical background
Oil shock.

Although the wooden-working factory was opened, it was virtually doing none at all. After that, the material revolution for rackets realized from aluminum to FRP. Now YONEX has dominated the market.


Exclusive licensed patent for double-wall blow molding obtained. The double blow molded case was adopted for YAMAHA' pianica and hit much popularlily.

Due to sluggish sales of the sports goods, we were searching for new businesses. Idemitsu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. introduced Mr. Teraoka and we introduced double blow molding technology.


"Hatachi Kako Co., Ltd." was established independently as a double blow molding factory and its new factory was built up.


The 2nd factory of Hatachi Kako Co., Ltd. was completed. 120 mm scaled large blow molding machine introduced which was able to mold 251-L tank of Yazaki's "Yu Waiter".

In order to shift from sporting goods to industrial products business, we invested much more than our financial capability so our financing was hard to be maintained.


Large-sized vacuum molding machine introduced in Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd. to manufacture large housing components.

Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd. entered gate ball (Japanese croquet) market. Patents for the ball, stick, etc. obtained. The racket factory tuned into gate ball factory. The coating line set up as well.

President's text
Branding has been essential for sports good from these days and we faced difficulty to compete with the other brands because we developed the market with cheap products. Then, we got idea that we can compete in our quality and cost if we entered the market of gate ball which was being major sport for elderly people.


Automobile blow bumper was mass-produced firstly in Japan in Hatachi Kako by double blow molding.

Historical background
Plaza Accord (September 1985)
Rapid appreciation of the yen

Success of the Japan's first blow bumper was realized by development of the special blow materials n cooperation of Mitsubishi Petrochemical Corp.


Produced Yamaha's wooden tennis rackets

The materials for tennis rackets were shifted to aluminum and wood. Although once Yamaha's technology which the racket was coated with thin skin of genuine was adopted for the mass-production, it was temporal and the production was shifted to Taiwan. The material was shifted to carbon after that.


"Safety bamboo sword "of Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd. was selected for Good Design Product. Patents for leather patch equipped on head of the sword and production of bamboo blades obtained. Although the company proceeded with production and sales of the sword, martial art traders argued with such bamboo sword because the unbreakable one threaten sales of them. Consequently, the sales channel was difficult to be developed and the company was withdrawn from the market.

Yukio Nakano was inaugurated as the president at Hatachi Kako Co.Ltd. and Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd.

Historical background
Burst of Japan's economic bubble (2008), the fall of the Berlin Wall, dissolution of the Soviet Union, the end of the Cold War
Certificate of Good Design Product
President's text
Released from management crisis our financing was always short and bright signs was being seen.


2nd factory extended a building at Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd., introducing large-sized blow molding machine.


The Chairman Yutaka Nakamura awarded for the Governor Rewards and meritorious person in R&D.

Developed "shower helper (Shower device for nursing care)" and entered into nursing-care bath field.


Hatachi Kako acquired the license for super blow molding technology.


120 mm molding machine introduced, which dedicated for large-sized super blow molding.

Historical background
Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake disaster, a series of serious crimes by Aum Shinrikyo members


Super blow molding was adopted for ceiling of unit bath.

Established overseas subsidiaries "THAI HATACHI CO., LTD." In Thailand. The company was dormant by 2000 due to the Asian currency crisis from the following year. it restarted the operation since 2001and works for molding automobile related components(air duct, tank, thermosetting resin molded pulley cam).

Overseas subsidiaries "THAI HATACHI CO., LTD."
President's text
In 1995, I visited Thailand for volunteering activity by Junior Chamber and knew the splendor of Thailand and anticipated the economic growth there. Then, I decided to set up local subsidiary there.


Completed the 3rd factory of Hatach Industry Co., Ltd.

Sports Business Department of Hatachi Industry entered into ground golfing and park golfing market.

Historical background
Asian monetary crisis.
Catalogues for ground golfing and park golfing

While popularity of gate ball was dropped, in order to enter into ground golfing market that number of players was increasing, we applied for entry as the new manufacturer into the Ground Golf Association (ASICS set up for encouraging the market) and we were approved for the entry.


Tetsuya Nakamura was inaugurated as the president at Hatachi Kako Co.Ltd.


135 mm extra large-sized blow molding machine introduced in Hatachi Kako. Acquired ISO 9002.


Completed warehouse for molding in Hatachi Kako.

Hatachi Industry entered into welfare market.

Recreation for welfare facilities

Proposed game for preventing dementia and recreation kit as recreation for welfare facilities. Distributed direct-mail for the facilities.


Hatachi Kako approved for its management reform plan by Shizuoka Pref.

Hatachi Industry started "Self-sustained physical fitness training in cooperation with Shizuoka University.


Succeeded in automation of spoiler sanding process.


Succeeded in automation of blow molding of burr finishing by laser processing.

Hatachi Industrial Co., Ltd. completed the factory of large-sized injection molding machine.

Hatachi Industry entered into healthcare market.

Development of health solution products for young generation.


1300t bicolored injection molding machine introduced in Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd.

Participated in Brain Science Association in research of Dementia prevention tool "Noh Genki".
Developed "Self-sustained physical fitness test" to measure physical fitness for aged people in cooperation with Shizuoka University

Hatachi Industry entered into walking market.

Historical background
Global recession due to financial crisis originated from the subprime mortgage.

Proposed better walking with walking life style to the promoting parties, distributors and consumers based on Nordic walk.


New collaboration plan "Development and commercialization of fuel tank with high gas barrier properties" approved by Kanto Bureau of Economy.

Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd. announced "self-reliance physical fitness test".

Measure physical fitness seen from daily lives activities.

Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd.introduced two 130-ton 2 color injection molding machines to start production of hobby related parts.

130-ton 2 color injection molding machine


Hatachi Kako Co. introduced multilayer blow molding machine.

"Development of multilayer blow molding technology for interlayer to be laminated with ultra thin conductive material (CFRP etc.)" adopted as Supporting-Industry.


Completed Hatachi G Factory

Hatachi G Factory

Hatachi Industry started "National self-sustained physical fitness test".

Result of the self-sustained physical fitness test.

"Decline of physical fitness", that may be progressed while you don't pay attention to that. This is the system to measure it both objectively and periodically analyze it totally taking questionnaires for life style into account.

Hatachi Industry Co. released the replaceable-pole cap for Nordic walk, "Fit type".

Rubber attached to top on the pole of the cap for Nordic walk. New pole cap which enables response to various scenes including training and rehabilitation.

Withdrawn from badminton business.

President's text
It's painful decision to stop business for badminton which was not only for origination of the company name but also for occasion to establish the company. However, we were in difficult position to go on such unprofitable business. I thought we can't foresee future if we are persistent in the past. So I decided the withdrawal.
Historical background
The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred.

Events tended to be stopped and people did to refrain from shopping.

Historical background
Flood occurred in Thailand.
Flood occurred in Thailand.

All facilities of THAI HATACHI were submerged and suffered due to flood which started from July for 3 months in the year. Also the damage impacted the business so much afterwards .


Technical support agreement concluded with NTF India.

Hatachi Kako Co., Ltd. adopted domestic investment promotion project.


Hatachi Industry CO. acquired ISO 9001.

President's text
In the recovery process after the flood, we collided with the Thai partner. Consequently we established the local company on our own and started the management independently. We sincerely appreciate the partnership of the Thai for more than 15 years. Although we are confident that Japanese way of thinking is correct n business, the way of Thai is more natural speaking of as human being is.


Hatachi Industry CO. released replaceable-pole cap for Nordic walk "Lifeline-boots-type".

Replaceable-pole cap for Nordic walk Lifeline-boots-type.

Aggressive type of replaceable pole cap for Nordic walk pole. The replacement timing can be seen at glance thanks to the two-tone color.

Hatachi Kako Co., Ltd. was certified as a business operator for :of specific research and development plan based on the Act on Advancement of Basic Manufacturing Technology for Small and Medium Enterprises.

G Factory introduced large super blow molding machine.

Both Hatachi Kako Co., Ltd. and Hatachi Industry Co., Ltd. adopted manufacturing assistance project.

Hatachi Industry developed "Locoretch" which is product to be measure for locomotive syndrome.


To propose products and training methods focusing on "Moving joints" and "Health maintenance training".

President's text
I think, health solution business can be engine to foster our business with our products from now on.


Hatachi Industry received the 4th "Extend healthy life expectancy" award.

The 4th" Extend healthy life expectancy" award.

Awarded prize of excellence for "Smart Life Project" of national movement initiated by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in the field of care prevention/supporting aged people's lives.


Hatachi Industry started "Well-Smile Promotion" which promote enhancement of health.


Developed and launched a new fitness design "Relaxing Work." to propose lives styles and self-realization.

Hatachi Industry assigned its injection molding business to Hatachi Kako.


Adopted as "Small and medium enterprise overseas deployment support project" by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
Implemented self-physical fitness program in Thailand.